Monday, July 13, 2009

Today we Go

Hello All,
I have never written in blog format before so if you want to hear my brain's incessant ramblings during our 2 month stay in Turkey than keep checking back as Michelle and I will keep trying to add entries and even images if we can.
If you can post a response or email us back at either or then do so.
Be well!

Kelly and Michelle


  1. Have a wonderful, safe, exhilarating trip! Post pictures!


  2. Have a great time on your adventure! I'll be checking everyday. Wish I was with you guys! Down a kabob for me now and again.

  3. Hi Guys.....hope alls well over there.
    Peanut & Mom are doin' just fine....and Dummydorf is still afloat.
    Looking forward to hearing from you...