Saturday, July 18, 2009

at Kerkenes

Ok now more time to type but with a turkish keyboard that is really messed up so pun ctuation is going to be an issue; please bear with me as I use what i can to denote the end of a sentense or break in thought/ so here at kerkenes is a super site on a hill top iron age with an existense from the late 7th century and then was utterly destroyed in the 6th century a rather single occupation site the archaeologist Jeff a super lively fellow tells about how he feels it was burnt by croesus just a few weeks before the persian sirus the great bunt sardis in lydia fascinating stuff \ he found the othe day a body by the gate in the burnt layer and the body was badly bunt so he or she died in the devastation event/ sad but we saw the poor felow in all his glory/i have many images of this site#not the body# but dont ask yet for me to post them as my computer time so far has been slim to nil and it took 5 minutes for this old pc to boot so i may crash the system with images; we also visited catal hoyuk and saw the famous neolithic site which was interesting speaking to the directors and hering the full scoop this also occured at cadal hoyuk were michelle slide down part of the mound on her rump quite funny this was# what is so cool about all of this is visiting the dighouses or sleeping in them with the workers and excavation diectors and also seeing the finds nd hearing the excavatos thoughts and reasons for his approaches' this was especially interesting for hatussa where the German director whose name escapes me really explained well the reasons for a continued agressive approach of excavating larger areas because most ground penetrating sources fail here and this is the only way to go in such agressive geologic conditions there at the hittite capital/ wy cool to visit this place and will visiting the highest ground we witnessed an amaxing rainbow which we all imged/ check the csun website nd this may grace the homepage at some point# there is a huge stork nest outside our quarters and we watch the 4 large birds communally care for their young# s some of you know we all love animals and even had a toad we named jake accompany our shower last night\! wow almost an exclaimation/ so we unfortunately move as fast as our slowest comrade but in the end we are eating way too well and no one has experienced anything more that a mosquito bite. it has been special having a few directors show me coin finds from later periods and in one case i identified coins for an excavator who was waiting for an expert to come down and one did just not the one he sent for. that was cool for me', I also was able to speak with the director of the museum of anatolian civilizations mr Arslan who himself is a numismatist' I have most of his books especially his ltest on the roman coinage of ankyra in galatia. he gave me a volume \i did not have and dedicated it to me which was specil for me and shows even a busy guy like himself can tke a few minutes for a student from LA addicted to ancient coins# we also ate lunch with the museum workers who have a lunchroom resembling an attractive prison in the manner of one dish served on metal tray while standing in a queue# neat indeed/ we also did some digging in the hot sun at cadal hoyuk and it was pretty hot but rain came too/ so as you see i finally had some things to write and since i have never done a blog before i hope it was informative and may be something you would ant to check again/
thanks for looking and what I would give for a latte#
kelly and michelle

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  1. Thanks, I am now exhausted from reading about your trip so far! I am picturing Indiana Jones, of course, or scenes from "The Mummy" which are about as close as this suburbanite can conjure. Sounds like you are having a great time, I share the desire for the latte, too. We had about 104 today in SCV.
    Take care and keep writing! We so enjoy it.

    Pam & Mike