Friday, July 17, 2009

at Catal Hoyuk

Hello friends,
We are at the famous Neolithic city of Catal Hoyuk. It has been a fantastic trip meeting excavation directors and various sites such at hatussa the Hittite capital and Kerkenis. It is new to us traveling with a group but they are all good people and we have new friends. We are going somewhere else tomorrow and hopefully will hit an internet cafe to write longer, but right now I am borrowing a laptop from someone I hardly know.
Also it has been rainy and cold at tims and you all know how happy that makes us. Michelle is wonderful, filming everything thing and loving the food and the various animals we come across. She sends her regrds and be well to all!

Kelly and Michelle


  1. Hey wanderers,

    Interesting site, that's a massive enclosure they built over the excavation. I can't find the wall paintings yet but I'll keep looking online. What I would have paid for more rainy days in Turkey. Did you see the thread inside Copper? Wonder what it's made from. Keep me updated.

  2. If you want to know more about the history of the Catalhoyuk dig, be sure to read "The Goddess and the Bull" by yours truly.

    best, Michael Balter