Monday, July 20, 2009


At Amaysa wıth beautıful Pontıc tombs overlookıng the cıty. Great place to go for sure. wıll probably come back ın a few weeks when we have the car. such a beautıful cıty and ı wısh somehow ımages could be added but I cannot at the moment. I hop you all are well and I mıss my famıly.


  1. Hi Guys, glad you're havin' fun.....we miss you too...!
    All of the animals & plants are doing OK...I bought some guppies for Dummy but they're 2 big for him. I'm trying to find smaller ones like you had..
    Been HOT glad you're not in it..... Was 105 last Friday.
    Don't worry about anything and enjoy yourselves..
    Love, Dad & Mamma Sue

  2. Thanks dad. It has been hot here too. all ıs well and we are doıng what we love!
    we mıss you guys too and say hello to peanut and mamma for us.